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Kiosk Mounting Bracket Case Study

Kiosk Mounting Brackets

When a kiosk manufacturer ran into a problem with their box build design, SabeRex maintained production schedule with an additive manufacturing solution.

Cost Reduction Through 3D Printing

Cost Reduction Through 3D Printing

A few years ago, the TyRex Group embarked on an ambitious plan to completely reevaluate our manufacturing process with an eye to better utilize 3D printing. The results have been remarkable – we’re on track to see 60% in cost savings over the next 6 years through additive manufacturing.

TyRex Technology Family – August Excursion

  To wrap up the month of August in 2021, we wanted to take a journey through some of the great content you might have missed from our Technology Family. Our highlight of August comes from Austin Reliability Labs: featuring their custom keyboard tester.

Custom Camera Housing Case Study

Custom Outdoor Camera Housing Solution

An automotive manufacturer was in need of an outdoor rated camera solution for a video surveillance application. TekRex transformed a high-level scope of work into a tangible product line that exceeded expectations.  Here at TekRex, our focus on our clients’ success has led to some remarkable solutions, some of which we’ll dive into here. This Custom Outdoor Camera Housing Solution

TyRex Group nominated for 2021 Family Business Award

The Austin Business Journal’s 2021 Family Business Awards were held yesterday.  TyRex Group Ltd. was nominated for a two-generation award.  To qualify, a business needed to be at least 51% owned by the family and have multiple generations involved in the operations of the company, and/or have established longevity in business. At TyRex, we’re proud TyRex Group nominated for 2021 Family Business Award

TyRex Technology Family – July Excavation

  The TyRex Technology Family includes eight independent companies — each specializing in a variety of technologies. To get a better glimpse into what makes our family of companies Special By Design®, we are digging up some of the great content you might have missed out on this month from our companies. For this month’s TyRex TyRex Technology Family – July Excavation

Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner – Q2, 2021

First, with the priority of importance and on behalf of the TyRex Technology Business Family, I want to acknowledge individuals who served in the military. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! As we all know, freedom is not free. By the way, all our veterans look so young and fit in their photos! On Friday, June Coach’s Corner – Q2, 2021

Meet TeleRex Header Image

Experience TyRex Through the TeleRex Lens

Though the pandemic brings a variety of challenges, it is those same challenges that allows the TyRex Technology Family to expand our focus on innovation and lasting customer relationships. With the addition of our telepresence employee, aka TeleRex, our customers are able to remotely tour our entire facility and explore each technology company.  

Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner – Q1, 2021

In this issue of the Tribune, we recognize a variety of key components that are primary to the TyRex Technology Family culture. Allow me to add the underlying texture to these various cultural identities. For example, the article “Powering the Impossible with DLP” illuminates the very cutting edge of DLi’s technical knowledge and capabilities in Coach’s Corner – Q1, 2021

Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner – Q4, 2020

Today is New Year’s Day. I waited until today, January 1, 2021, to write this message so I could officially look back, calendar-wise, and reflect on 2020. In addition, I can now compose and share my 2021 business and personal resolutions while concluding the publication with my vision of the TyRex Family’s future. 2020 – Coach’s Corner – Q4, 2020