Exploration of November 2021 at TyRex

Did you miss last month’s content from the TyRex Technology Family? Take a look at our highlights from November as we take a special look at another unique TyRex collaboration between ARL, TekRex, and SabeRex!


TekRex and ARL co-conducted ASTM testing on a 3D printer that SabeRex wanted to evaluate before purchasing. To verify the printer’s effectiveness, testing samples were printed using a variety of materials and then evaluated after impact and tensile testing. The results of these samples were compared against similar prints from SabeRex’s Carbon M2 Printer.

“Confirming what you know when making a major purchase is something every industry deals with but with 3D printers, it can be tough to know what you don’t know. Validating through impact testing gave us incredible insight into our major purchase decision, and we were able to take a position of strength when making the call.”

Martin Johnson, Executive Vice President

Watch this TyRex Family collaboration in action!


DLi Defined breaks down some of the greatest innovations in digital light exploration. This month we defined: Beam Pen Lithography (BPL). BPL is a nanofabrication tool that uses light to create nanoscale features through printing. When combined with a digital micromirror device, overall accuracy and resolution are improved. Check out the DLi Defined video from November!

Have you seen the Megladon Fiber Optics in Focus series? This is the perfect series to watch to understand what fiber optics is all about. The LC and MTP®/MPO Connectors are the highlights of November. What better way to kick off this series than with two of the most well-known connector types in the fiber optic industry. Take a look at the most recent Fiber Optics in Focus videos!

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