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The technology companies that make up the TyRex Family are connected by something beyond the industry itself – something that we think is truly Special By Design®.  From our uncompromising commitment to quality and customized solutions for the entire life cycle of your product to our lasting relationships forged by personal commitments to our business partners, TyRex is a company built to last. Behind it all, our strong company culture guides each and every decision we make, defined by six principles we call our Diamond Disciplines.

Founded in 1995 by John Bosch, Jr. and Andrew Cooper, TyRex began in a small cubicle with the dream of building a world-class organization that, founded on sound business and ethical principles, would last 50 years and beyond. Being “built to last” remains the foundation of our business, employee, and community relationships. The union of ideas, aspirations and entrepreneurial spirits between Bosch and Cooper began as a premier cable manufacturer called the TyRex Manufacturing Group, so named after the Tyrannosaurus Rex and its characteristics of strength, courage, confidence, passion and commitment. Today, the TyRex Technology Family includes eight independent businesses, each focused on a specific market while able to collectively provide customized solutions for the entire life cycle of a product. The commitment to quality, innovation, and lasting relationships is what makes the TyRex Technology Family “Special By Design.”


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Our Mission

To provide the high-tech market with superior products and services by assisting our customers through all stages of the product lifecycle so that we may create cost-effective solutions and foster long-lasting business relationships.

The Circle of Business Trust

TyRex Graphic: Diamond Disciplines

The TyRex “Circle of Business Trust” philosophy is a bond between our company, our employees, and our customers. Our only true measure of success is our customer’s success. Each TyRex company and employee commits to that common goal. We view ourselves as more than vendors, approaching each project as business partners. We understand that no matter how large or small our contribution may be, we will treat it as a vital part of the customer’s ultimate success. Our goal is to foster long lasting business relationships.

The TyRex Family Promise

A promise to open the arms of our business family in a very personal, all-inclusive way. To provide every family member the opportunity to seek and achieve the highest level of their ability, desired personal goals and possibly achieve the recognition of Special in a very Special business family.

To last 50 years and beyond, TyRex relies on a strong company culture that reaches beyond the boundaries of business. Our culture connects us not only to our business partners, but to each employee and our community as well. In the spirit of building lasting community relationships, TyRex became a founding partner in RecognizeGood, a 501(c)3 organization which shines a light on the people and organizations doing good work in the community. Along with this signature long-term community endeavor, TyRex established defining principles known as the TyRex Diamond Disciplines (listed below) which guide each and every decision we make.

Prosperity To Longevity

TyRex Graphic: Diamond Discipline - Prosperity to Longevity

Without sustained economic Prosperity, none of the other Diamond Disciplines would receive merit or recognition. Although not the most important discipline, it is essential as a foundation to provide the resources for other disciplines to follow.

Employee Well-Being

TyRex Graphic: Diamond Discipline - Employee Well-Being

Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and supporting each and every TyRex employee has been a priority since day one. The contributions our employees make to the success and longevity of the TyRex Technology Family are encouraged and recognized monthly by each of our companies, as well as collectively at our annual TyRex Founders Day celebration.

Community Citizenship

TyRex Graphic: Diamond Discipline - Community Citizenship

We believe that our companies are residents, not renters, and that each of our companies have a responsibility to their respective communities. By fostering a caring relationship with the communities in which our employees reside through a variety of volunteer efforts and donation drives, our employees thrive.

Entrepreneurship At Every Position

TyRex Graphic: Diamond Discipline - Entrepreneurship at Every Position

Strength, courage, confidence, passion, and commitment are at the heart of every entrepreneurial spirit. All TyRex employees strive to be professional entrepreneurs by exercising their initiative and taking advantage of market opportunities in an effort to become not just successful, but special.


TyRex Graphic: Diamond Discipline - Professionalism

The TyRex Technology Family sets itself apart by striving to reach the highest levels of performance in technical, ethical, and service standards. It is our goal to deliver the best experience to our customers and business partners with each and every interaction.

Imagination & Innovation

TyRex Graphic: Diamond Discipline - Imagination & Innovation

The power of the TyRex Technology Family lies in our collective ability to provide customized solutions for the entire life cycle of your product. These creative solutions likewise extend inward, where we encourage the utilization of new technology and new ideas to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and increase revenue.