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Intelligent manufacturing solutions that are built to last.

By leveraging the expertise and skill of our entire technology family, TyRex has established itself as the most complete and comprehensive 3D printing (additive manufacturing) entity related to services and engineered technical support in North America. Together we can offer unique additive manufacturing solutions that meet the specific requirements of your project and/or product, while also providing cost savings and time efficiencies to help your business prosper. From design at TekRex to production at SabeRex and testing at Austin Reliability Labs – it’s all under one roof. Custom cable assemblies at iRex, fiber optics solutions at Megladon, software at Saber Data, product assembly at Arctos and DLP light exploration at Digital Light Innovations – our capabilities extend to every stage in a product’s lifecycle. That’s why the TyRex Family is your intelligent manufacturing solution.


Additive Manufacturing Case Studies

Sherpa Shorts

Our Sherpa Shorts video series (see below), featuring TyRex Executive Vice President and additive manufacturing expert Martin Johnson, provides you with insights into the world of 3D printing and why TyRex should be your Sherpa guide. Like a Sherpa who leads someone up a mountain, our job is to help lead you up your own 3D printing mountain. Utilizing our experience with over 15 types of 3D printers, we will focus on 10 areas that we have found to be critical to success in additive manufacturing; including materials, machines, production choices, design, engineering and safety.