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TyRex Unveils AM-Based AI Tool, Cosmic Inquiry AND Five (5) Voyager Programs Exploring the AM Universe For Unique Manufacturing and 3D Printed Product Ideas

There’s no question about the popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It seems like no matter where you turn, AI is the hot topic of discussion. Industries like Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing (3DP) are no exceptions to this phenomenon. As a 30-year innovative manufacturer dedicated to continuing our pursuit of technology, TyRex has begun constructing its own AI tool that harnesses the power of machine learning to add to the expansive potential that 3D printing offers. We’re calling it TyRex’s AI Data Box, the Cosmic InquirySM!

Introducing Cosmic Inquiry

The journey to get to this announcement has come in three stages for the TyRex Business Family of Entities and Associates.

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The TyRex AI Data Box Team includes Tom Gram, Tim Johnson and Tim Ma.

Stage 1

Building a structured, secure and sanitized Data Box (patent pending) currently with over 110,000 and on our way to 175,000 potential manufacturable product ideas leveraging 3D printing. As these product concepts combine with each other, new ones are identified and new unique possibilities are introduced to the marketplace through this technology. An ever-growing set of product ideas could soon evolve into an entire universe of product ideas. Currently, these unique product ideas cover over sixty (60) NAICS industry categories.

Stage 2

The TyRex Family developed several connecting AM/3DP/Aided-by-AI programs, once described by TyRex Executive VP of Finance Kevin Alwell as “Voyagers traveling through the AM Universe.” Currently, Voyager programs either completed or under development include:

  • Voyager 0: Cosmic InquirySM Training Only.
  • Voyager 1: Extraction – users seek out something specific i.e. by NAICS category, sub-category and sub-sub-category.
  • Voyager 2: Exploration – users utilize AI chat inside our AI Data Box to browse ideas in a certain industry or application.
  • Voyager 3: Problem Solving – users leverage Cosmic InquirySM to solve a specific current problem with a product idea.
  • Voyager 4: Creation – users leverage Cosmic InquirySM and special AI software to create unique, one-of-a-kind product ideas assisted by our AI Agent named Journey.
  • Voyager 5: Under Development.

Stage 3

The future of the TyRex Business Family is not to simply 3D print manufacturable product ideas, but to become the continuous, long-term strategic product development partner to manufacturing industry interests in all sixty (60) plus industry categories or galaxies of product ideas.

Voyager 1 works as a ‘smart filter,’ while Voyager 2 operates as more of an interactive guide. Users begin the product idea extraction by specifying an industry category – for example, a user can select Automotive as a top-level category. Once a category is selected, a sub-category and a sub-sub-category can be defined to better pinpoint 3DP projects that are most relevant to the user. Once the category fields have been entered, the Cosmic InquirySM platform will suggest the top 15 product ideas that are deemed by AI to be most relevant to the search, and that are most likely to succeed as a product idea. AI even suggests the technical success probability of the selected product idea. The program will also provide a short analysis highlighting the reasons why a product idea is likely or unlikely to succeed.

If Automotive was the top-level category, ‘Electric Vehicles’ and ‘Cable Housing’ could be used as the sub and sub-sub-categories. From the generated list of results, users can view one product idea to read more about the product, how it can be used and an AI-generated image or diagram of what the product might look like.

Voyager 2 includes usage of the AI Agent or assistant who can field questions and more directly get users to a product idea that best suits their interests. In addition to broadening product possibilities and producing more finely-tuned results, this program allows for product ideas with even faster iterations. At this third stage, users take their product idea development further by providing options to find new materials, the appropriate 3D printer and the best 3D design software for the job, called First Investigation.

Moving forward, TyRex foresees next stages to be enacted in the very near future.

Stage 4

Connects product ideas with additive manufacturing experts who can individually or collectively turn an idea into a fully-researched reality.

Stage 5

A new product’s formal research is completed, and TyRex uses additional AI software to optimize the time between product idea selection through the selected product’s post processing and finalization. 3D printing optimization to reduce manufacturing time and cost.

Stage 6

At the final stage, TyRex is able to remotely monitor the 3D printing production of the new product idea at a strategic partner’s facility!


At TyRex, we call this entire process “Evolutionary Manufacturing,” which requires not just out-of-thebox thinking, but a comprehensive ‘iMindSETSM’ –
which means the manufacturers best prepared for the future are iMind THINKINGSM in an entirely new technology box altogether.

Interested in learning more about Cosmic GPT and how TyRex is advancing its business with Industry 4.0 technologies? Reach out today for a facility tour and see AI, 3D printing, Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), renewable materials science and more in action here at TyRex!

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