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Jumping Through June 2022 at TyRex

The month of June was busy as always with exciting events and developments for the TyRex Technology Family. SabeRex explored innovative ways to curb supply chain issues by implementing the ever-exciting field of 3D Printing, DLi took a deep dive into one of their core technologies, and TyRex Associate STG 4 Fronts continued to research

Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner – Q2, 2022

I am always anxiously waiting to get the first draft of the TyRex Tribune quarterly newsletter. It is the same anticipation and feeling I would get waiting for my 4th of July fireworks box to arrive by mail (now illegal) when I was a young boy growing up in Kansas. I have more fireworks stories,

TyRex 2022 May Memoirs

The month of May was packed full of exciting content and events for the TyRex Technology Family. Arctos provided some insight on Time and Motion Studies, SabeRex showcased Carbon’s flame-retardant resin, and RecognizeGood finished the month strong with their 20th year of the Ethics in Business Awards program.  

TyRex April Archives 2022

April was an exciting month for the TyRex Technology Family. We started the month with the 2022 AMUG Conference, and we finished it off with some great insight into iRex’s commitment to going above and beyond for their clients.  

The TyRex Team at AMUG 2022

Every year, the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) hosts a conference that brings together engineers, designers, and educators from across the globe to share their knowledge, challenges, and developments in additive manufacturing technology. This year, some of our TyRex Technology Family were able to attend this year’s event in Chicago, and they wanted you to

TyRex March Mania 2022

With a constant stream of great content, March was a lucky month for the TyRex Technology Family. The team at iRex made a slam dunk with their commitment to both speed and quality, while TekRex and ARL took us into overtime with their staffing and testing services exhibition.  

Custom Grommets Case Studies

Custom Grommets

A cable house committed to success, iRex understands the importance of going above and beyond for our clients. We leverage our technical expertise and versatile manufacturing capabilities to solve complex challenges and deliver high-quality cable assemblies. In this episode of Under the Wire, iRex cable experts dodge supply chain problems and keep production going with additive manufacturing.

Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner – Q1, 2022

I’d like to take this opportunity to divide my coach’s corner report into two parts: comments on TyRex’s 1st quarter newsletter and an overview of my vision of TyRex’s future, especially focused on its 3D Printing technology knowledge and information. I am always so proud to add my coach’s corner comments overview to the TyRex

St. Patrick's Day 2022

TyRex St. Patrick’s Day & U’re Lucky Day Celebration

Found pennies and good luck wishes were exchanged during our St. Patrick’s Day celebration! TyRex Family members found and turned in a total of 45 lucky pennies – sending tons of luck to our TyRex Entities. Every employee received a goodie bag containing chocolate, free coffee and a lucky 3D printed coin – some luckier

TyRex February 2022 Flashback

February went by fast, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t fit a lot of great content into this short month. From ARL’s commitment to quality testing with accurate results to DLi’s feature on the premiere photonics technology event, February’s recap is not one to miss.