TyRex 2022 May Memoirs

The month of May was packed full of exciting content and events for the TyRex Technology Family. Arctos provided some insight on Time and Motion Studies, SabeRex showcased Carbon’s flame-retardant resin, and RecognizeGood finished the month strong with their 20th year of the Ethics in Business Awards program.


Every year, RecognizeGood shines a light on businesses, individuals, and nonprofits who believe that doing GOOD is good business. The annual Ethics in Business Awards program helps not only to preserve, but expand the ethical environment that allows businesses in Central Texas to prosper, grow, and support other businesses. This year’s luncheon was the 20th Ethics in Business Awards to be hosted by RecognizeGood, and it was the first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you missed the event, you can still watch the ceremony and learn more about this year’s finalists and winners.

“The past two years have shown all of us how important it is to have a healthy work environment … which is an important part of ethical business practices. You’ve heard about The Great Resignation? That’s very real, but organizations with healthy and supportive working conditions quite simply aren’t as vulnerable. It just goes to show you the truth of what we’ve been saying for 20 years now: Doing the right thing is GOOD business.”

Bobby Jenkins, RecognizeGood Executive Board Chairman

Watch the full 2022 Ethics in Business program

As a certified Carbon Production Partner, SabeRex has access to Carbon’s complete library of 3D printable materials. Carbon recently released a new resin for their 3D printers. EPX 86FR is a flame-retardant resin with a UL 94 V-O rating and adds functional toughness, high strength, and long-term stability to support a broad range of applications.

As experts in production and assembly, Arctos determines the best configuration for your assemblies as a precursor to assembly to ensure a high quality and efficient process from the start. The primary aim of time and motion studies is to evaluate and improve a process’ efficiency – without affecting the product quality.

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