Jumping Through June 2022 at TyRex

The month of June was busy as always with exciting events and developments for the TyRex Technology Family. SabeRex explored innovative ways to curb supply chain issues by implementing the ever-exciting field of 3D Printing, DLi took a deep dive into one of their core technologies, and TyRex Associate STG 4 Fronts continued to research burgeoning new possibilities in Additive Manufacturing Technology.


CNC Router used to drill custom holes in an enclosure

Supply chain issues are not going away any time soon, but companies that have leveraged new processes and technologies to overcome these challenges are thriving today. For SabeRex, one of those chief technologies is 3D printing. Whether it’s parts manufacturing to ease wait times, recreating molds to increase accessibility to complex parts, part retooling that enables customizing off-the-shelf products to specific product needs, or onshoring assembly through jigs and fixtures to curb labor delays and increased shipping costs, SabeRex continues to find creative and innovative solutions to today’s manufacturing challenges. See the full article to read more about the specific solutions with case study examples.

“Supply chain issues are the number one headwind our industry faces today and the TyRex family is in a unique position to help our partners overcome these challenges through additive manufacturing”

Rick Jennings, President, SabeRex

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3DLP9000 Light Engine with DLi Defined Title

In this installment of DLi’s long standing series in which we define the common jargon used to discuss digital light processing and its numerous applications, we take you on a journey through discovering DLP® Technology. From the basics of just what Digital Light Processing (DLP) is to the specific application of MEMs, we define these very specific terms through a series of DLi Defined video clips that help illuminate the fascinating aspects of this technology. So if you’ve ever wondered what a digital micromirror device is, the answers are finally here.

STG 4 Fronts Logo

It’s not everyday that a new TyRex Associate comes on to the scene, so let’s introduce STG 4 Fronts, or Search the Grid on 4 Fronts, a research entity aimed at finding the next big thing in 3D printing production and additive manufacturing technology. STG 4 Fronts is a collective of researchers with their fingers on the pulse of tomorrow’s big technology hits. These researchers select individual topics and take them through the process of defining them, exploring their potential market value, and discerning just what would be needed to take a product idea of the future from experimentation to productization. Stay tuned for more updates from STG 4 Fronts as the entity continues to develop.

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