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Observing October 22 at TyRex

With ongoing supply chain issues and material shortages, the month of October may have looked scary for some. At TyRex, there were no tricks – only treats as we kicked the month off by attending the Austin Gives Awards where we received a Generous Business award. The TyRex Technology Family also got to welcome five large groups into our technology manufacturing facility where they got to experience all of our manufacturing capabilities and company culture. Before November passes us by, let’s take a step back and observe last month’s highlights.

TyRex Corporate Philanthropy Recognized by Austin Chamber of Commerce

On October 3rd the TyRex Group attended the Austin Gives Awards where we got to see all the great work our fellow philanthropic companies and individual leaders are doing to advance the greater Austin community. We are proud to have been nominated, and even more proud to have received a Generous Business award from Austin Gives and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce!

At TyRex, we’ve believed since Day 1 that our company is not just a renter in the Austin community, but a resident – we truly embrace the social responsibilities that come with being a part of the Austin community, which is why we place a high importance on giving back and partnering with local nonprofit organizations.

Reward Recipient at Austin Gives

TyRex at Austin Gives

TyRex Ramps up Facility Tours

In an effort to educate and inspire, TyRex has expanded its facility tour availability to invite more people to learn about the manufacturing industry and TyRex’s unique position within it – including our 3D printing research initiatives and dinosaur museum. In a two-week timespan, TyRex hosted five Austin area groups containing students, engineers, AI designers, roboticists, and manufacturing professionals.

“Having been a longtime community resident and entrepreneurial leader, I think it’s important to connect with fellow Austin manufacturing community members and establish strong relationships that have the ability to promote and support our industry’s future. That’s why I love inviting so many groups of people all coming from different backgrounds that touch on every facet of business into our facility – to learn about them and show them everything we do and where we as a company are aiming to go.”

Andrew Cooper, TyRex Group CEO & Partner

TSBVI with Rex

Andrew with Austin Robotics and AI

Skillpoint and Rex

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The technology companies that make up the TyRex Family are connected by something beyond the industry itself – something that we think is truly Special By Design®.  From our uncompromising commitment to quality and customized solutions for the entire life cycle of your product to our lasting relationships forged by personal commitments to our business partners, TyRex is a company built to last.