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Experience TyRex Through the TeleRex Lens

Though the pandemic brings a variety of challenges, it is those same challenges that allows the TyRex Technology Family to expand our focus on innovation and lasting customer relationships. With the addition of our telepresence employee, aka TeleRex, our customers are able to remotely tour our entire facility and explore each technology company.  

Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner – Q1, 2021

In this issue of the Tribune, we recognize a variety of key components that are primary to the TyRex Technology Family culture. Allow me to add the underlying texture to these various cultural identities. For example, the article “Powering the Impossible with DLP” illuminates the very cutting edge of DLi’s technical knowledge and capabilities in Coach’s Corner – Q1, 2021

Coach's Corner

Coach’s Corner – Q4, 2020

Today is New Year’s Day. I waited until today, January 1, 2021, to write this message so I could officially look back, calendar-wise, and reflect on 2020. In addition, I can now compose and share my 2021 business and personal resolutions while concluding the publication with my vision of the TyRex Family’s future. 2020 – Coach’s Corner – Q4, 2020

TyRex Technology Family Best of 2020

While 2020 may not be anyone’s favorite year, it has proved that the TyRex Technology Family is Built to Last. We had a lot of great moments this year so it’s time to take a look back at our accomplishments as we prepare for 2021. Be sure to click on each TyRex Technology Family snow globe TyRex Technology Family Best of 2020

Built to Last

How do you ensure your company survives 3 recessions and a global pandemic? You make sure it’s built to last from the very foundation. TyRex began in a small cubicle in 1995. Founded by John Bosch, Jr. and Andrew Cooper, with the dream of building a world-class organization that, founded on sound business and ethical Built to Last

TyRex Turkey Bowling League

At TyRex, we’re home to many creative and uniquely talented individuals. Each holiday we celebrate is a way for us to come together for friendly competition and fun – Thanksgiving was no different! With some of our staff working remotely and our factory split into safe zones to limit contact, we were looking for a TyRex Turkey Bowling League

Managing Your Product’s Life Cycle

With almost 26 years in the books and 8 incredible entities at TyRex, we love to give back and share our knowledge. Business isn’t easy, but we’re lucky to have a team that works together and expands our knowledge through many industries. The motto for iRex has always been “Built to Last” and that has Managing Your Product’s Life Cycle

Dinoween 2020

Our annual Dinoween pumpkin carving and costume contest was an absolute smash! Thank you to the team at iRex for organizing another successful pumpkin drop-off so our TyRex Family could fully showcase their creative talent and a big thank you to all the ghouls and boos that participated! Each year, our team surprises us with Dinoween 2020

TyRex honored for helping students

TyRex has recently been honored by the Texas Association of School Boards for our engagement within Leander ISD. It has been nothing but a pleasure working with the students of Incubator Vista-Ridge and others to share our excitement and passion for STEM and 3D Printing. It is something built into the principles of our company – volunteering annually TyRex honored for helping students

Testing the Expert

Home to over 22 test chambers, Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) is recognized as one of the top product reliability labs in the country. When Reliability Lab Manager Tom Sneath joined ARL in March, we quickly put him to the test. Tom’s passion for testing began over two decades ago and has taken him to companies Testing the Expert