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Coach’s Corner – Q2, 2021

First, with the priority of importance and on behalf of the TyRex Technology Business Family, I want to acknowledge individuals who served in the military. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! As we all know, freedom is not free. By the way, all our veterans look so young and fit in their photos!

On Friday, June 18th, during the monthly Birthdays, Anniversaries and Acknowledgements, the entire TyRex family had a surprise family-wide “unmasking” from COVID-19. As a combined business family of both permanent and temporary employees, we reached a 90% vaccination rate. This took a great deal of effort from many TyRex individual family members but none more involved and committed than Rick Jennings, with the help of his daughter Lindsay.

COVID-19 created many challenges and numerous extended TyRex family emotional issues. As of this writing, TyRex has recorded 35 individuals who have contracted COVID-19, but to our knowledge, no one contracted the virus at our Technology facilities. Also, everyone who worked at or visited our TyRex Technology facilities did so voluntarily.

At one time as many as 30 TyRex Business Family members worked from home. Now we have nearly everyone back working in our manufacturing facilities. But as a word of caution, the variants may not be finished. And it is extremely important that as many people in the United States – and yes, worldwide – get vaccinated, before we can truly say we have beaten this extremely dangerous virus.

Finally, I want you to look back and reflect on all the TyRex family activities that took place during COVID. TyRex only missed a couple of events, and what I am most proud of is the fact that both the TyRex leadership and the entire TyRex Technology Business Family accepted every COVID challenge head-on, and to my knowledge, no one complained or gave in to the virus! We just figured out an alternative way to get the job done. This is what an entrepreneurial business family should be about. I couldn’t be prouder!

Thanks for listening!

PS – Congratulations Matt for 25 years of TyRex partnership.

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