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Coach’s Corner – Q4, 2020

Today is New Year’s Day. I waited until today, January 1, 2021, to write this message so I could officially look back, calendar-wise, and reflect on 2020. In addition, I can now compose and share my 2021 business and personal resolutions while concluding the publication with my vision of the TyRex Family’s future.

2020 – what a challenging and personally stressful 12 months, where each month took as much energy and effort as a full calendar business year.

Early on, TyRex leadership developed its priorities in this manner. First, focus on keeping the entire TyRex business family healthy. Second, ensure every employee receives a paycheck – especially during the holiday season. Third, keep the TyRex business doors open for business. As a professional entrepreneurial business, we never wavered from these stated priorities.

A special THANK YOU to each and every TyRex leader, manager and family member who gave it their all. I personally calculated this to take 140% of normal business energy effort and TEAM spirit.

We did a number of monthly programs and multiple holiday programs to let our TyRex business family know that TyRex cares, and that each of our business family members are appreciated more than they know. It is my very special hope that our leadership succeeded. If we did, please let them know. They would appreciate the acknowledgment.

Our motto in 2020 was survive, succeed, AND GROW! We achieved all three, but it took everything we had and more – i.e., lots of luck.


2021 TyRex New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Fight the COVID-19 virus every day until TyRex and our communities have complete victory. Hopefully very soon – in early 2021.
  2. Maintain TyRex Entities’ Business Foundation in revenues and profit while directing considerable assets to TyRex Continual Technology Programs with its 3D printing foundation for developing and connecting to intelligent “smart “manufacturing.
  3. TyRex strives to become an evergreen business achieving another 25 years in continuous business.
  4. As a business family we embrace, in practice and in principle, the following:
    • Evolutionary Technology Thinking with iMindSMSET and TyRex “New Box“ THINKING – not just “out of the box” thinking.
    • A culture that embraces the singularity of ONE business family with a single heartbeat.
    • We share success as a TyRex business family with a long-term, business sustainable commitment.
    • As a TyRex family we continue to work on supporting our community needs as a high priority and business family commitment.

John’s Personal 2021 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Work daily, and to the best of my abilities, to make every member of the TyRex family healthy, wealthy, and wise, or two out of three (requires teamwork with outstanding TyRex leadership.)
  2. Spend more time coaching, mentoring, and instructing Professional Entrepreneur® business practices and principles.
  3. Worked on my health by swimming 3-4 miles a week.
  4. Staying committed to my communities and doing good. Helping RecognizeGood to achieve its Evergreen status.

Visions of TyRex’s Business Future 2021 AND Beyond:

  1. As a TyRex Business Family we learn to think differently, allowing TyRex to stay business competitive and technologically relevant.
  2. 3D printing achieves TyRex business foundation status, connecting to intelligent “smart” manufacturing practices.
  3. TyRex becomes acknowledged as the center of 3D Printing Knowledge business world, sharing our knowledge by building strong business industry relationships moving towards long-term future business technology partnerships with the underlying principles of Trust, Respect AND Mutual Appreciation.
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