TyRex Turkey Bowling League

At TyRex, we’re home to many creative and uniquely talented individuals. Each holiday we celebrate is a way for us to come together for friendly competition and fun – Thanksgiving was no different!

With some of our staff working remotely and our factory split into safe zones to limit contact, we were looking for a way for everyone to feel connected and get into the holiday spirit. Amidst gathering responses from everyone on what they’re grateful for this year, we also put on a candy corn counting contest, and the highly anticipated, first-ever TyRex Turkey Bowling Contest!

We had one person from each of our 7 factory zones step up to the plate for one of our most fun contests yet and made a hilarious highlight video of the event so the rest of our staff could see and we want to share it with you!


Final Scoreboard:

Zone 1 : Vero “Sparo” Bernard – 24

Zone 2 : Mike “The Big” Bobrowski – 18

Zone 3 : Maria “Gutt-er Done” Rangel – 0 (consolation prize awarded due to pumpkin damage)

Zone 4 : Dan “The Turkey Man” Chambers – 32 (3rd place)

Zone 5 : Tom “Smack Talk” Sneath – 5

Zone 6 : Denny “Lucky Strike” Hean – 47 (2nd place)

Zone 7 : Maria “Holy Roller” Barrientos – 48 (1st place)


We highly recommend this team-building exercise! Our staff had a blast and we see it making a comeback next year – check out their full scorecard breakdown HERE. What is your team doing to stay involved and connected during this time? We’d love to hear suggestions!


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