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Though the pandemic brings a variety of challenges, it is those same challenges that allows the TyRex Technology Family to expand our focus on innovation and lasting customer relationships. With the addition of our telepresence employee, aka TeleRex, our customers are able to remotely tour our entire facility and explore each technology company.  

We want our customers to see our facilities as well as explore the full capabilities offered through our family of technology companies. TeleRex is a Double 3 Telepresence Robot that offers an alternative to in-person tours. By adding TeleRex to our team, we are able to invite customers from all over to join on a personalized tour. Check out the video below to meet our newest family member, and get a glimpse at what your virtual tour could look like.


Why did TyRex decide to pursue virtual tours? 

“To maintain the connection with clients. To show them that TyRex is not at home in a Zoom meeting, but is, in fact, in the factory and producing products. Safely and efficiently.”

John Sansoucy: iRex Regional Account Executive

Our virtual tours are hosted live by one of our TyRex family members. TeleRex will follow your TyRex facility guide throughout the facility to ensure you see everything we have to offer. Each tour is personalized to your unique interests, and these tours can be set up on your time schedule. 


Need the camera to tilt up or down? Would you like to get a closer look? From close ups to extreme close-ups, TeleRex is not limited by its zoom or focus. There are two 13 megapixel cameras found on this telepresence solution. These cameras provide an ultra wide field of view and multiple levels of zoom. The cameras are able to physically tilt up and down, which is helpful for zooming into a specific point or reading papers. 

If the two cameras are unable to get in close enough, TeleRex has the ability to use an external device as another lens. With a simple scan of a QR code, your guide’s phone can be turned into a satellite camera device. This allows our customer to view every angle of our technology and our products. 


What is the difference between a virtual tour and an in-person tour? 

I believe the cool thing about the virtual tour is that it isn’t much different then a tour in person.  The interaction between TyRex and our customers during a tour is a vital part of showing who we are as a company.  We want the virtual tour to be as similar to an in-house tour as possible, and I believe we have accomplished that. 

Matt Ache: President and Partner, TyRex Group, Ltd.

The virtual tour removes the wall that is created by travel. Instead of pulling straws to see who wins the chance to go on a TyRex excursion, coworkers and partners can join from anywhere in the world. Because of TeleRex, everyone is able to participate and join in on this unique experience.


In real time, your TyRex guide will walk you through the facility. As you explore the building, you can also communicate with your guide at any time – just like you would in an in-person tour. An array of six microphones enables your guide to answer your questions quickly and without major background noise interference. 


From our TyRex Dino Museum to DLi’s 21 DLP Applications Alcove, TeleRex loves to show our customers the little things that make TyRex Special By Design®. Not only is TyRex committed to intelligent manufacturing, but we rely on a strong company culture that reaches beyond the boundaries of business. Our company culture is seen throughout our factory. Customers can see our employee recognitions as well as discover the community involvement we are proud to be a part of. 


It may seem like TeleRex is taking you through a virtual world, but everything our telepresence shares with you is happening within the TyRex facility. The audio and video capabilities of TeleRex can easily take you from a virtual meeting to the full TyRex experience. 

TeleRex is also equipped with an array of 3D sensors, which allows for obstacle avoidance. No rush hour maneuvers from your telepresence driver are required. You are guaranteed a smooth ride through the building — with the exception of climbing the steps to see the team at Megladon.

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Seeing TyRex through the lens of TeleRex is a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. By introducing a virtual TyRex tour, our team has demonstrated how we get over, around, and through obstacles. Whether you are viewing our technologies or seeing and meeting our team, TeleRex enables an in-person interaction without having to directly travel to our headquarters in Austin, TX. 

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