Dino Museum Expansion

As we all know, dinosaurs are near and dear to our hearts here at TyRex. Our name was derived with inspiration from the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex who ruled during the Jurassic Era. Aside from the elementary-age son of DLi’s Neftali Santos, John Bosch, Jr. might have the most knowledge of any of us when it comes to dinosaurs – which explains his passion for collecting all sorts of preserved fossils and artifacts from this era.

If you’ve ever been to our facility, we’re certain you’ve been drawn to one of our display cases showing off prehistoric items ranging from ancient bear skulls to woolly mammoth hair.

The TyRex Dino Museum unveiling was a celebration – all companies came together to “ooh” and “ahh” as John read aloud the stories behind each piece. The latest unboxing includes prehistoric bear teeth, fossilized imprints of fish from 150 million years ago, and VERY rare Paleocene bird skulls found inside Moroccan phosphate deposits! Come visit us – the future of technology, with a healthy dose of the past.

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