Dinoween 2020

Our annual Dinoween pumpkin carving and costume contest was an absolute smash! Thank you to the team at iRex for organizing another successful pumpkin drop-off so our TyRex Family could fully showcase their creative talent and a big thank you to all the ghouls and boos that participated! Each year, our team surprises us with some incredibly fun and some incredibly strange ideas. The bar gets set higher every year and with our special “Dinoween 2020” t-shirts made, we knew we had to go all out! Check out our team’s full Facebook album of photos and let us know which ones are your favorites!

Our winners were as followed.


Pumpkin Carving:

1st Place – Amy Bosch “Scary Stories”

2nd Place – April Gurney “Little Shop of Horrors”

3rd Place – Morgan Humburg “Masked Frigthmare”


Costume Contest:

1st Place – Sterling Steves “Dino Skeleton”

2nd Place – Morgan Humburg “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective”

3rd Place – April Gurney “Wonder Woman”


We hope that you had a fun and safe Halloween as we did! Stay tuned for our other upcoming Holiday Events where we’ll come together and celebrate one another.

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