Unearthing September 2021 at TyRex


Let’s dig up the great content from the TyRex Technology Family from September. We have a couple of great pieces to share, but our highlight piece comes from SabeRex and their utilization of additive manufacturing to save a kiosk manufacturer both time and money.


A preferred service provider for major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), SabeRex offers a wide array of technology services to support customers throughout a product’s entire life cycle. So when a kiosk manufacturer needed one small mounting bracket in their new box build, the SabeRex team was able to quickly produce this one-off specialty piece. This small part was able to be printed on demand to avoid production disruptions and saving the customer additional expenses.

“One of the attributes that has allowed TyRex as a whole to thrive is our ability to be nimble. This ability has increased exponentially with the adoption of additive, as shown in this recent case study.”

Rick Jennings, SabeRex President



Watch the video on this case study, and read about some other great entity finds below!


Custom Camera Housing Banner

TekRex leads its manufacturing partners from research to production with their team of experienced problem solvers. In this case study video, an automotive manufacturer needed an outdoor rated camera solution designed and built for a video surveillance application. Using their prototyping and development skillsets, the team at TekRex created a tangible product line that allowed for additional opportunities to be developed for this client.

Arctos is always drafting new methods for production and assembly in order to offer customized solutions as well as maintain commitment to their clients’ success. They are continuously thinking about how to improve the manufacturing process, and one such innovation is adding screw threads into 3D printed parts. Advancements in printers and techniques have made printing of internal screw threads feasible.

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