TyRex Technology Family – July Excavation


The TyRex Technology Family includes eight independent companies — each specializing in a variety of technologies. To get a better glimpse into what makes our family of companies Special By Design®we are digging up some of the great content you might have missed out on this month from our companies. For this month’s TyRex Technology Family Excavation, we want to highlight an Arctos case study in which our team used their engineering expertise to conquer an electronics assembly challenge.


When it comes to assisting our customers, TyRex strives to provide the high-tech market with superior products and services. One of our Diamond Disciplines, imagination and innovation, was on full display as the Arctos team tackled a challenge by introducing a customized solution. Our commitment to quality throughout your product’s life cycle means we are always looking for ways to improve standard processes.

This case study highlights Arctos’ continuous improvement skills at their finest. With the automated potting process provided by the Pump-kin Meter Mix Machine, they not only improved the speed of their supply chain but they also discovered ways to save the customer money through material costs. When combined with Arctos’ top-notch quality assurance, the use of creative solutions develops an enhanced process that sets the Arctos team apart from their competitors.

“The improvements we’re seeing at Arctos when it comes to implementing the automated potting machine is representative of what we do at all our TyRex entities – we constantly evaluate and improve our processes, from planning to production and beyond.”

Andrew Cooper, TyRex CEO



Click here to read more about how Arctos used the Pump-kin Meter Mix Machine to improve customer outcomes, and check out some other entity highlights below!


Drop test simulation clears up any uncertainties that may come with shipping through a repeated, consistent impact forced upon your product for reliable, accurate results. ARL‘s drop testers test your product and its packaging in many different orientations and configurations so you get the full picture of what your product can handle.

A continuity test, or resistance test, is used to determine if a circuit is complete and to measure the resistance the current faces. This applies to any fuse, switch, or cable. At iRex we use continuity testing to verify that a cable functions as intended, meaning it carries a charge from one terminal to another with an acceptable amount of resistance.

As the demand for more bandwidth and the fastest transmission medium possible increases, the reliability of fiber optic test and measurement methods is more important than ever. The team at Megladon offers a complete product portfolio — including cable and test and measurement equipment.

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The technology companies that make up the TyRex Family are connected by something beyond the industry itself – something that we think is truly Special By Design®.  From our uncompromising commitment to quality and customized solutions for the entire life cycle of your product to our lasting relationships forged by personal commitments to our business partners, TyRex is a company built to last.