TyRex Group nominated for 2021 Family Business Award

The Austin Business Journal’s 2021 Family Business Awards were held yesterday.  TyRex Group Ltd. was nominated for a two-generation award.  To qualify, a business needed to be at least 51% owned by the family and have multiple generations involved in the operations of the company, and/or have established longevity in business.

At TyRex, we’re proud that one-third of our full-time staff has been part of our family for at least a decade. That says a lot! After launching from a small cubicle in 1995, today our staff is not only multi-generational but includes multiple families who are multi-generational. Whether through our commitment to community service and employee well-being, or our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, TyRex is driven by its heart and is truly a professional family.

Those in attendance at #abjfamilybiz included CEO & Partner Andrew Cooper, his children Ben Cooper and Rachael Cooper, CFO Keith Smith, his daughter / second-generation staff member Emily Smith, and second-generation staff members Amy and Nathan Bosch, along with President Matt Ache, Vice President Marketing Joel Coffman, and Executive Vice President Martin Johnson.


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The technology companies that make up the TyRex Family are connected by something beyond the industry itself – something that we think is truly Special By Design®.  From our uncompromising commitment to quality and customized solutions for the entire life cycle of your product to our lasting relationships forged by personal commitments to our business partners, TyRex is a company built to last.