Discovering October 2021 at TyRex

Interested in discovering the exciting content from the TyRex Technology Family? There are a couple of great finds from October, and we are especially excited to feature a collaboration piece from Megladon and TekRex.


Compact Fiber Optic Cassette With the help of TekRex’s design engineering services, Megladon used their knowledge of fiber optics and 3D printed products to produce a mandrel system designed for a super-compact fiber routing application. The innovative mandrel tool was designed from scratch and allows for nearly 460nm of glass to be coiled around the spools without coiling the fiber past its bend radius.

“What the mandrel tooling demonstrates is that 3D printing is not only useful for end-use parts. Its utility in creating custom tooling makes it a vital tool for our engineered solutions moving forward.”

Daniel Hogberg, Megladon President


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Additive manufacturing is on the rise as developments in 3D printing draw the attention of manufacturers looking to strengthen their production processes. In this article, SabeRex demonstrates how to leverage 3D printing into the manufacturing process through printer type selection, verification, qualification, calibration, and testing along with other essential details manufacturers should evaluate when integrating additive manufacturing into their production.

Like many terms associated with reliability testing, failure analysis is self-explanatory yet also nuanced as it’s multidisciplinary, boiling down to either destructive or non-destructive categorized testing methods. ARL and our partners primarily focus on failure analysis as it applies to microelectronics and PCBs. Visual inspections, x-rays, and dye and pry are the three failure analysis reliability tests that are highlighted in this article.

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