TyRex Technology Family – August Excursion


To wrap up the month of August in 2021, we wanted to take a journey through some of the great content you might have missed from our Technology Family. Our highlight of August comes from Austin Reliability Labs: featuring their custom keyboard tester.


If you haven’t yet browsed through some of the testing mechanisms just outside of the ARL lab doors, be sure to take a quick walk over to their showcase to check out their keyboard tester. This custom test unit was designed to simulate over 1 million keystrokes in just 74 days of operating time. By simulating realistic results through randomized inputs, the team at ARL was able to setup a tester that captures years of wear and tear on keyboards and analyzes the amount of typical impacts a keyboard can receive before malfunctioning.

Keyboard devices found on products such as kiosks, cellphones, and computers all stand to benefit from this piece of custom testing equipment.

“The creativity on display by our reliability lab in this case is such a point of pride for me. At ARL and across the TyRex Technology Family, it’s very professionally rewarding to see our customers challenge us and our team consistently come through with engineered solutions.”

Andrew Cooper, TyRex CEO



See the keyboard tester in action, and follow the links below to see what our other entities have been up to!


When it comes to inventory management, Arctos has over 20 years of experience working with various methods including the kanban method. Introduced by Toyota engineer Taiichi Ohno, the kanban method in manufacturing is a visual based inventory and scheduling system used in lean or “just-in-time” manufacturing. Kanban can also refer to a specific process-management in software development.

A conductor, metal plating, wire stranding, wire insulation, shielding, cable jacketing, and terminal are the basic makings of a cable. Although every cable assembly is grounded in common basics, iRex‘s value-added complexity breaks down a cable’s anatomy to explore every option. iRex has the materials and expertise required to deliver sophisticated custom cable solutions suitable for any environment or application.

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