Westwood High School Job Shadow Day - 2017

Westwood High Student Job Shadow

Twelve students from Westwood High School visited TyRex for a few hours yesterday as part of a job shadow project the school has organized for the past three years. Students ranging from 9th grade to 12th grade focusing their high school studies on computer science, engineering, health science and other technologies took advantage of this opportunity to learn about different technology industries and company makeups firsthand. The students were out of school for the day, so we applaud their initiative to dress professionally and show up to learn!

Matt Ache, TyRex partner and president of iRex Group, led one group of four students while Megladon General Manager Daniel Hogberg and TyRex Communications Director Joel Coffman each led a group of their own. Students started off in the TyRex Thinking Center, getting a sense of how TyRex is thinking differently by experiencing our exciting new TyRex 360° Welcome video. After touring every nook and cranny of the TyRex family over the next couple of hours, the group gathered back together for some Q&A time talking about everything from the future of technology to individual career advice.

“I really enjoyed the tour and the Q&A,” said one student. “You answered a lot of the questions I had about working in industry – this was such an eye-opening experience, and just generally a great time.” Another student added, “I was amazed to see the cultural component behind TyRex and its driving values – I loved the environment!”

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