St. Patrick's Day 2022

TyRex St. Patrick’s Day & U’re Lucky Day Celebration

Found pennies and good luck wishes were exchanged during our St. Patrick’s Day celebration! TyRex Family members found and turned in a total of 45 lucky pennies – sending tons of luck to our TyRex Entities. Every employee received a goodie bag containing chocolate, free coffee and a lucky 3D printed coin – some luckier than others, 5 gold coins were found and traded for cash prizes.

To learn more about lucky pennies, read TyRex’s Meaning of a Found Penny (below) and manifest some good luck and special business opportunities!


TyRex Meaning of a Found Penny

Something Good will Happen to You and

Your TyRex Entity’s Business in the Next 48 Hours. 

So be prepared and on the lookout for

those Special Business Opportunities.


Ten (10) Best Places to Look for Pennies

1.    Convenience Store Floors

2.    Gas Station Islands

3.    Any place where young people gather, i.e., those who see no value in any U.S. currency under a dollar.

4.    Someone else’s car seats.  (Be sure to check while the owner is not looking.)

5.    Recliners and sofas.  (Hint – you can’t find your own lost pennies for luck; so, look in other persons’ sofas and recliners when visiting.)

6.    Underneath grandstands or concession stands at all games, especially youth sports.

7.    Any place where liquor is served (i.e., impaired mental judgment, delusions of wealth and lack of hand/pocket coordination.)

8.    Bungee jumping, Ferris wheels, trampolines, and any place people are upside down.

9.    Movie theater refreshment islands

10. Parks, community parking lots, etc.

Rules Related to a TyRex Lucky Penny


  • There is no set TyRex rule regarding the heads up or down, etc.  Both are equally lucky. Think positive and prepare yourself for capturing those Special Business Opportunities. The 48-hour window of luck begins the moment your lucky penny hits the bottom of your company’s lucky penny jar.
  • Making a specific wish to the lucky penny is encouraged, but there are no guarantees or warranties associated with this Leprechaunish approach to luck and sought out business opportunities.
  • Be mentally and physically prepared to receive your luck from the lucky penny. You must be ready to capture the lucky break which is coming your way.
  • Public acknowledgement of your lucky event is encouraged.  Encourage others in your company to search for lucky pennies. You can never have too many lucky pennies.
  • Finding other currency may increase the change in your pocket, but don’t expect any luck of substance or significance from coins other than pennies. Some say the luck is in the copper.


  •  No seeding of the company parking lots, etc. There is no luck in those pennies!
  • No pocketing of pennies from a convenience store “Short a penny?” container.  There is Bad Karma for the taking of these pennies.
  • No picking up pennies next to a fast-food drive through window.  This is close to stealing, and possibly a criminal misdemeanor.
  • Whatever you do, don’t lose a lucky penny.  Put it into your company’s lucky penny jar as soon as possible for safe keeping.
  • Do not give a lucky penny away unless the person you give it to is less fortunate than you.  In that case the penny has the power and enough luck for two.
  • The luck associated with finding a lucky penny is non-transferable and non-refundable. See above.  It is possible to save the luck from a penny.
  • Never steal a lucky penny from the company jar.  No matter how desperate for money you may be.  It will cause a dark cloud to form above you.
  • Do not take pennies from a fountain.  This too will cause a very dark and prolonged period of depression to come over you, especially in winter.
  • Do not steal or take pennies from penny loafer shoes unless you can outrun this shoeless person.
  • Bent, deformed, or pennies made into jewelry do not have any luck left in them.
  • Don’t offer to give a lucky penny to someone for their thoughts (i.e.“A penny for your thoughts”) unless it is to a registered and certified fortune teller.
  • Never use a lucky penny to play “pitching pennies”. Gambling with a lucky penny is forbidden.

Testimonies from Benefactors of Found Lucky Pennies

I met my future bride on St. Patrick’s Day in 1972.  Nancy has been my lucky penny ever since.

John Bosch Jr., TyRex Group, Ltd.


2007 Timeframe:  On a business trip to Chicago to see the Morey Company, I found 4 pennies on the trip and when I got back to TyRex I secured a purchase order for over $1.2Million Dollars for Morey, who turned into our largest customer for the year at iRex.

Matt Ache, TyRex Group, Ltd.


In 1994 I found three lucky pennies in Abilene, Texas on the site of the Almond Street Cold Storage facility.  The next day I received notice of three (3) insurance checks related to a peanut cold storage fire at the facility that totaled $3.1 million dollars.  I was subsequently given a 20% ownership in the cold storage company, and we used $175,000 to start TyRex Group, Ltd. on January 1, 1995.  I have kept these pennies in my wallet ever since, along with my four-leaf clover I bought at Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland.  And yes, I have kissed the blarney stone.

John Bosch Jr., TyRex Group, Ltd.

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