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TyRex Sponsors UT Competition

In November, the TyRex Technology Family and the TyRex Learning Foundation were cosponsors of a third-place prize for the 2004 International Idea to Product (I2P™) Technology Competition. This competition was started on the University of Texas campus in 2001 and draws competitors from across the globe. The goal of the I2P™ Competition is to promote “unique product ideas, with clear market demand, that use innovative technologies.”

The TyRex Innovation Award was given to two University of Texas – Austin students, Nathan Calvert and Avi Kumer; Scott Nettles advised. Their submission was for VoicePeer, a peer-to-peer wireless telephony service targeted to the 3 billion people worldwide who lack access to reliable telecommunications. The phones themselves act as the network, so cell towers and traditional wire line technology are not necessary and infrastructure costs are significantly reduced. Congratulations and best of luck to this talented team!

The award ceremony and luncheon was attended by TyRex Technology Family Partners John Bosch Jr. and Andrew Cooper, as well as Jim Hoover and Bill McCormick of IDM Partners.

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