TyRex March Mania 2022

With a constant stream of great content, March was a lucky month for the TyRex Technology Family. The team at iRex made a slam dunk with their commitment to both speed and quality, while TekRex and ARL took us into overtime with their staffing and testing services exhibition.


In addition to speed and quality, iRex is known for going the extra mile for our customers. iRex used their unique problem-solving abilities to meet a tight deadline, and they saved a total of over 66 hours of labor through the use of 3D printing. This video is a great example of how the TyRex Technology Family is using our unique additive manufacturing capabilities to customize projects and optimize production.

“It’s amazing for me to see the positive effects of a creative, proactive mindset brought about by the introduction of 3D printing. From our C-suite to our production leads to our financial staff, everyone at iRex has found ways to improve our operations or find a creative solution for a customer. It’s exciting coming in to work each day being surrounding by that environment.”

Andy Grimmer, iRex Vice President

Watch the iRex team in action!


When a company was needing a customization method for off-the-shelf enclosures for their products, TekRex engineering guidance paired this company’s production challenge with the right machine solution and instruction process. In this case study video, TekRex helped to determine the best CNC machine for their needs and then explored ways to modify the machine in order to accommodate the larger dimensions of the enclosure they were intending to customize.

Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) performs a wide range of testing services that meet established benchmarks in a variety of industries. This video shows how HALT and HASS testing can be combined to push a product beyond its limits, identifying latent weaknesses in a short amount of time to improve design and ensure reliability. With ARL’s decades of experience in reliability, either testing method can be customized to fit the different needs of companies.

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