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TyRex Hosts First-Ever Technology Boulevard Donation Day

Since 2002, TyRex has hosted mobile blood drives through the Blood Center of Central Texas. These drives have resulted in over 900 pints of donated blood, vital for children and adults living with cancer, having surgery, surviving a car accident or recovering from other illnesses and injuries. As a company who truly believes that we are residents of our community and not merely renters, TyRex does its best to set an example for socially-responsible business and corporate citizenship. True to the TyRex spirit of innovative technology, we embrace the opportunity to experiment with new ways to connect our business partners, customers and vendors with charitable organizations like the Blood Center who make our community thrive. In an effort to forge an even stronger connection with the community alongside our professional neighbors on Technology Boulevard, for the first time ever TyRex expanded its first mobile blood drive of 2016 to become something more – a Technology Boulevard Donation Day.

Based on the belief that everyone has something to give, a Donation Day lets everyone in the neighborhood participate in making our community stronger by inviting donations of not only lifesaving blood, but food, clothing, and more. At the first Technology Boulevard Donation Day, TyRex invited Goodwill Central Texas, Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, and Austin Humane Society to join the Blood Center in taking donations for the afternoon. Those who may have been ineligible to donate blood were still able to give back in other ways, ranging from peanut butter and canned vegetables to cat and dog food, from old clothes and books to cash. Representatives from both Goodwill and Austin Humane Society joined us onsite to greet neighbors and talk about what their organizations are doing in our community. The supportive response from our Technology Boulevard neighbors was inspiring, as dozens gave back in whatever way they could and returned to their workday with that wonderfully positive feeling that only comes from giving selflessly. Each of the four nonprofits represented were excited to participate and have already made plans to join us for the next Donation Day in May.

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