TyRex Halloween Celebration - 2018

TyRex Halloween Celebration 2018

In celebration of Halloween on Wednesday, Oct. 31, the TyRex Family came together for another year of creative competition as pumpkins were decorated and/or carved in hopes of being named “The Great Pumpkin” and family members competed against one another in a costume contest. As in each of the prior 14 years of this event, the entries for both friendly competitions were absolutely amazing! A wide-ranging panel of secret judges selected the top three pumpkin creations as well as the costume winners prior to the celebration, which saw family members enjoy some wicked treats while Jorge Moguel of DLi and Rich Burgess of iRex emceed the festivities.

In the costume contest, Amy Moore of TyRex secured 3rd place honors (dressed as Purple Rain), while April Gurney of Megladon finished second (dressed as 1980s Flashback), and Robert Zawadzki of SabeRex (dressed as Svengoolie) claimed the top prize.

As for the pumpkin contest, Denny Hean with iRex scored the third-place prize with his TyRex Park creation, while second place was awarded to Amy Bosch of DLi for her Frank jack-o-lantern from the movie Donnie Darko.  “The Great Pumpkin” was then awarded to the C-section pumpkin created by Alma Valadez of Megladon.

Thanks to everyone who participated in these annual competitions and Happy Halloween!


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