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TyRex Gets Innovative with TekRex

After nearly 22 years of successful business thriving solely in the technical electronics service space, TyRex recognizes that electronics markets are changing – and that change is happening at an accelerated rate. In response to these changes, a new development arm has been launched called TekRexSM. This independent but related business will help accelerate new and innovative opportunities to market in four key areas: Parts, Products, Projects and Programs. Given the day-to-day operational demands placed on the TyRex businesses, this separate entity will provides a much-needed outlet for unleashing the creative ideas that could not be put into their internal business operations.

The first “Ah ha!” moment was to look at traditional research and development (R&D) in a new way, by focusing on the development. Most market research and a large majority of technical research is now done on the internet, and not in a traditional physical R&D work area. The second “Ah ha!” moment was the realization that TyRex business entities had already reached the development phase with most of the research completed – the only problem was bandwidth! Our teams simply didn’t have the time to work on the innovative ideas which could expand product offerings or new service capabilities.

Fortunately, TyRex has nurtured and embraced a culture of creativity and innovation over more than two decades, and has created expertise in many areas of light and special technologies. TekRex is responsible for building on that foundation to develop and bring to market extremely capable and competitive technical products and services. As a result, this new focus should enable the TyRex family businesses to prosper for many years to come. Led by a special, separate research group and the development capabilities of TekRex, our business family is looking forward to an extremely exciting future!

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