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TyRex Focuses on Entrepreneurial Success

The TyRex Learning Foundation is now providing the Professional Entrepreneur® program with its StreetSmart® workshops to reduce the failure rate of entrepreneurs and their companies by provideing them with education, knowledge, and resources.

The foundation is the creation of its visionary founder, John Bosch Jr., co-founder of the TyRex Group of manufacturing, service and software companies. The mission of the foundation is to provide the complete body of entrepreneurial knowledge and information needed for aspiring entrepreneurs to assess their readiness in launching their business, then designing and developing a “built to last” business.

TyRex Entreprenuerial Institute, or TEi, is the education entity of the foundation and delivers the StreetSmart® workshops. TEi is lead by Sonia St. James, president of Torka Sports Towels, Dr. Jana Minifie, Professor at Dept. of Management Entrepreneurship Studies at Texas State University, and Grace Lanni, president of RSC Consulting Group.

“There can be no doubt that the foundation of our economic future, and the ability for our communities to prosper is the success of our entrepreneurs. I am thrilled to provide my skills and experience to this endeavor”, said Sonia St. James.

“I am looking forward to bringing outstanding workshop facilitators who are providing attendees with their knowledge – this is such a valuable vehicle for attendees to network with other entrepreneurs and to learn valuable information from those who are the best in their fields”, said Dr. Minifie.

Participants benefit by learning what’s not taught in textbooks; the workshops teach the nuts and bolts of how to run a successful entrepreneur company; they engage with active entrepreneurs who teach the courses and share their experiences, and they network with business professionals. The program is complimentary to higher education business curriculums, and it’s estimated that only five to ten percent of the content overlaps. They gain a comprehensive knowledge of the areas of business understanding, and the physical, mental, and tangible resources required to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The first workshop was held in September with 25 attendees; here’s what attendees say about their experience:

“Having a presentation that brings together all the major aspects of entrepreneurship was awesome because there are things that can’t be learned in the traditional classroom … “I wanted the insight and info that comes from people that really have both “made-it” and also failed in business … “The most valuable aspect of this workshop is the real-world experience that the instructors brought to the table” … “I really enjoyed every bit of it, it increased my knowledge about every aspect of what you need to start up a business” … “I learned more about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to make dreams come true.”

Future plans include expanding the workshop courses to additional campuses, and to offer the opportunity to earn the Professional Entrepreneur certification.

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