The Simple Bear Necessities of Arctos

Backed by a highly-skilled staff with expertise in assemblies for a multitude of industries, Arctos Assembly has provided full “built-to-print” contract manufacturing services for printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies, sub-assemblies and system-level assemblies (box builds) while also specializing in supply chain management and customized integration since 2001. Our facility has been granted ISO 9001:2008 certification by UL DQS Inc. and allows our assembly group to combine the power of a global supply chain with nimble, highly-responsive manufacturing operations; delivering a vertically-integrated product solution focused on high-quality rapid turnaround, expertly engineered prototyping, and cost-efficient solutions.

Along with a good pun, Arctos prides itself on its ability to achieve the Bear Necessities of a great business partnership. This begins with the staff we hire, the equipment we keep, how we operate, all the way up to how our very business is structured. To explain further, we spoke with President Matt Ache and Operations Manager Yolanda Menendez.

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