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Share Your World, Not Just Your Work

Like any other family, the TyRex family makes memories every day. To help keep up with our business family memories as well as to help us connect with each other more, we’ve developed an internal web platform called the TyRex Digital Family Album.

This digital family album (DFA for short) is similar to a traditional social media site, but it’s just for our TyRex family. Through this internally-focused site, any one of us can share news, thoughts or photos through public feeds, send private messages, and keep up with shared interests through sub-feeds called Interest Groups. For several weeks now, a beta test group has been posting stories and sharing photos about life experiences, pets, hobbies – even sending digital Thank You Notes! – while making sure the Digital Family Album is ready for everyone.

“I thought it was really neat to find out about other peoples’ experiences, and discover that we have similar interests.” comments Carla Carrasco, who’s an administrative assistant with Arctos Assembly. “I guess it really makes me feel connected on a more personal level. It definitely gives you something to talk about.”

Being an active participant on the digital family album site gives each of us an easy boost towards connecting more richly with the colleagues we already work alongside, as well as an opportunity to learn about those we might not interact directly with on a typical day in the office. The working theory is that each of us can be connected to each other in a number of ways, and the goal of this TyRex initiative is to make it simpler to find the ways we connect.

For the last couple of years, TyRex has adopted the theme of “Profit, Purpose and Family” as a way to keep the three cornerstones of our business sustainability top of mind at all times. The TyRex Digital Family Album is one major initiative toward the latter of those tenets. “More of our waking moments are spent here than anywhere else, with people we enjoy working with,” notes TyRex CEO Andrew Cooper. “So I think it’s important that we understand more about what is behind them and their family, and what’s important to them – that’s kind of the glue that holds it all together.”

So take a moment to create an account on the TyRex Digital Family Album – once we learn a bit about our colleagues and connect with them in a different way, it’s easy to see how our family is stronger once we share our worlds and not just our work.

Sign up today at tyrexfamilyalbum.com.

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