TyRex Photo: SabeRex Blood Drive

SabeRex – Austin Blood Drive

By: Jenny Buchanan

Raise your hand if you’re afraid of needles and hate getting blood drawn…believe me, my hand is raised too. Before coming to work for SabeRex I didn’t give donating blood a second thought. A shameful admission I know. During my first experience with the blood drive, I was there in a strictly “Editor of the Tribune” capacity; taking pictures and getting the story. Through not much coercing, I had finally been convinced to give blood. Sometimes we must put our fears aside to help the greater good. I realized that the first time I donated and have been donating blood ever since. I want to personally thank Carlos Mojica for doing such a great job on coordinating the blood drive each time. His relentless effort is genuinely inspiring to all of SabeRex – Austin.

In doing some additional research for this article on the Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas website I came across an area of the website for Recipient Stories. This area showcased small stories about several of the people who have benefited from the efforts of the Blood and Tissue Center. In reading these stories it not only made me feel good about what I had done for someone else, but you also must consider the possibilities that you helped to save a life, which is a truly remarkable thing. All in a days work at SabeRex. I strongly encourage anyone who is doubtful of donation to look at their website and if you are in fact eligible to give blood, please take the issue into serious consideration. I like to think I’m a better person for having donated and I know you’ll feel the same way.

Thanks to all of the employees who participated and look forward for future emails from Carlos on when the next blood drive will be.

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