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Partnership with P.E.T. Austin

Personal Energy Transportation (P.E.T.) of Austin exists to improve the lives of individuals suffering from a lack of mobility around the world. By partnering with iRex and the TyRex family at large, P.E.T. Austin has been able to increase their ability to serve these underprivileged communities, and offer not just mobility, but hope, to people across the globe. P.E.T. is a three-wheeled, off-road wheelchair, operated by hand power. Built by a faith-based, non-profit, volunteer organization, P.E.T.s are delivered at no cost to people in developing countries who have lost the use of their legs due to birth defects, polio, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, landmines or war. Through this partnership, we are able to help P.E.T. construct 10 additional units per month, as well as providing storage until shipment. P.E.T. provides the equipment, while we work.to bring costs of procurement down, provide access to our shipping vendors, and provide a network to help improve efficiency of the entire P.E.T. operation. Our assistance is comprised of employees volunteering before and after work to build these wonderful units. Currently led by iRex, the project is being opened up for volunteers throughout the TyRex family. This extraordinary project could not have happened without the help of some extraordinary individuals. Working with the founder of P.E.T. Austin, John Rudd, several members of the iRex team help make this possible on a daily basis. Keith Smith utilizes his experience to supervise the builds of the units, while Yolanda Melendez works with Mr. Rudd on planning. Rene’ Guardiola and Gary Wojcik have helped to outline the procedure for the builds, to ensure all the volunteers understand the process. Elisa Delgado de Rodriguez coordinates the volunteer schedule. Dottie Heitsche oversees purchasing, and George Ayad has helped to streamline and manage the workspace so that we can produce at maximum efficiency. But no one is more important than anyone else. All the volunteers make this gift of mobility possible, and without them we would be nowhere. From the TyRex Family, thank you to everyone involved. If you would like to be involved please contact Dottie Heitsche, or talk to any of the team members involved. Your contributions, no matter how great or small, are invaluable to the lives affected by immobility.

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