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Megladon Solves Bend Loss Issues

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. announces the deployment of its highly regarded Bend Insensitive HLC™ Fiber Optic Patch Cords for use by network installers. The integration of HLC connectors and Bend Insensitive Glass have combined to produce one of the most reliable, long-lasting, efficient patch cords that greatly reduces intermittent failures, which are a nemesis for network managers.

“Bend loss issues from sub-standard patch cords that cause network outages have always been a monkey on the back of network managers,” stated John M. Culbert, President of Megladon. “This is why we created the first in class Bend Insensitive HLC™ Fiber Optic Patch Cord.” He continued, “By decreasing network installation time, patch cord maintenance, and troubleshooting, network installers are now able to deliver a product that results in value and savings for their clients. We knew this was a mission critical problem that needed a solution and that is what we have provided. We pride ourselves on providing tomorrow’s fiber optic technologies today.”

Megladon’s Bend Insensitive HLC™ low maintenance solution is dust and scratch resistant which provides an extended life span and lessens the frequency of scheduled replacements saving network managers time and money. The product also emphasizes its compatibility with existing connectors, thus making it the only choice for replacement and newly engineered environments. Megladon’s breakthrough product is soon to become the ultimate solution for installers and network applications worldwide.

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