TyRex Graphic: White Paper - Megladon Fiber Optics

Megladon Awaiting Final Verification for Core Process Patent

The Megladon Group, Ltd. is awaiting final verification for a Core Process Patent on their “Hardened Lens Contact” (HLC) process. This process is unique to the fiber optic industry because it provides enhanced connectivity with higher performance. The hardened lens formed during Megladon’s unique process (patent applied) is scratch and dust resistant and more robust than any assembly on the market today, providing longer life and improved handling features. Benefits of this new technology are higher performance and a durable solution that requires no retrofit of existing optical transceiver connectors. Megladon’s team includes a chief scientist who is a PHD Physicist and has conducted fiber optic research for more than thirty years. The team also consists of a diverse group of former government lab, military and university physicists that span the globe.

The HLC is only one of Magladon’s new evolving technologies in the fiber optic industry. Megladon has recently completed the prototype stage and is set for production of its newest test equipment, the Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry (OFDR), which can be used in conjunction with the HLC.

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