Journey Through January 2022 at TyRex

Our TyRex content recap for January set a high bar for the rest of 2022. Between Megladon’s distributor partnership and Arctos’ collaboration with TekRex, the TyRex family had a strong start to the new year with even more exciting content to follow!


 Megladon Manufacturing announced a selection of their products launching in the Mouser Electronics distribution platform. Included in the product offerings is the patented Hardened Lens Contact (HLC®) fiber termination process. The expansion of Mouser’s fiber optic product offerings with Megladon provides a competitive edge in the rapidly growing fiber optic market and better serves customers through shipping and delivery advantages.

“Partnerships are at the heart of how the TyRex Group does business, and whether for an individual manufacturing customer or a global distributor we hold the way we form business relationships in high regard. It’s a key reason why we’ve been in business 27 years.”

Andrew Cooper, TyRex Group CEO & Partner

Read more on this exciting launch here!


Arctos Assembly is in the business of engineered solutions, and this case study highlights their expertise in intelligent manufacturing. Working with sister company, TekRex, this project involved designing a process to 3D print, assemble, pot, and test the product. In the end, Arctos and TekRex delivered a high-level engineered solution as well as a reusable process. Watch the video to see the process behind the challenge of needing a complex enclosure that needed to be potted.

When choosing a partner for IoT (Internet of Things) device manufacturing, it’s important to consider scalability, supply chain operations, time to market, and integrated services in the decision. SabeRex has carefully curated a suite of services that ultimately mean a wrap-around service for their IoT clients, leaving them to fully focus on harnessing the power of Big Data. Read more on the value of SabeRex as a contract manufacturer for IoT devices.

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