TyRex Photo: Bowl For Kids

iRex Eagle Bowling Team Aids BBBS

The Austin Trudy’s Bowl for Kids Sake fundraising event benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas was held March 2 – 4. BBBS is a non profit organization that creates meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers,“Bigs”, and children, “Littles”. Statistics show mentoring helps Littles be more confident in their schoolwork performance and they are less likely to skip school. The average annual cost of matching one Big with one Little is $1250. With this knowledge, some iRex personnel decided to participate in the Bowl for Kids Sake event and created Team iRex Eagle with the goal of raising at least $1250. Together the team raised just over $1400 for BBBS! The many generous contributions of friends, customers, vendors and family are what made hitting the goal possible. The team consisted of John Sansoucy, Meredith Sansoucy, Fred Salyers, Denise Garcia, Denny Hean and Rich Burgess. They had a fantastic time bowling and eating pizza at the event!

The team was grateful for Andrew Cooper who was able to step in at the last moment to bowl for Fred who had a family emergency and could not make the event. A special thank you goes out to Megladon for their $150 contribution. And a very special recognition goes out to Denny Hean who taught his teammates how to bowl with his amazing score of 235 on his second game!

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