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Internet Video Conferencing Premiers

TyRex and its on-site partner, Meetrix, Inc. are working together in the development of the practical application side of low-cost video conferencing over the internet. In June TyRex began beta testing Meetrix’s video conferencing program which includes software and a server that runs on a normal PC. TyRex launched the beta testing between the Electronics Assembly Group in Austin and Jill Murrell, the TyRex Account Executive in Houston.

The internet Video Conferencing is a low cost alternative to the current video conferencing products on the market today. “We anticipate that this low cost alternative will alter and significantly change the way business is conducted in the future. At TyRex its most significant influence will occur with the implementation of company culture programs to remote sites, the expansion of sales and marketing initiatives to new geographic areas and as part of TyRex’s HR commitment to the orientation and inclusion of all employees to the TyRex Family,” says John Bosch, TyRex Partner and Coach.

One of TyRex’s operating entities recently offered video conferencing to one of its customers as a management tool to oversee TyRex’s multiple manufacturing service activities. Within the next several weeks TyRex will connect with our Nashville and Dallas operations as well as the other three Austin company facilities. Bentonville AR and Asian ACT locations should follow suit in late summer.

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