3D Printed Testing Enclosure Case Study

Improved Testing with 3D Printing

Unique test apparatus for OEM has specific needs for safety and replication.

This case study focuses on a testing device used for the client’s industrial motors. We needed to test the client’s product at multiple stages in the potting process. The issue was that the testing device was one of a kind, and as such, couldn’t be loaned. On top of that, the original device had several ergonomic and safety concerns.

Watch the video below to see our Design Engineering services in action.

TekRex looked at the core design of the original and then set out to create an improved version by enclosing the tester, keeping the technician safe, and creating a custom 3D printed cradle to prevent components from shorting out.

All told, both TekRex and the client now have a safer and easier to use testing device that has improved lead times and overall product quality. As further proof of the improvement, TekRex is now looking into developing a portable, battery-powered version, but perhaps we’ll save that for another case study.

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