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Employee Spotlight: Gary Wojcik

We take an in-depth look at a specific part of the TyRex family. This time we spotlight Gary Wojcik of the Arctos Assembly Group.

What do you do here at TyRex?

GW: I am the Operations Manager for the Arctos Assembly Group. I provide technical assistance on new customer designs, set up new testing procedures, repair department equipment, review and repair defective assemblies, work with subcontractors to provide services and establish procedures needed by our customers, keep my manager in-line with schedule expectations, and pack and ship customer products.

What is the main function of Arctos Assembly Group?

GW: Arctos Assembly provides turn-key printed circuit board assembly, as well as system-level (known as box-level) assembly. Along with our TyRex partners, we provide our customers with every level needed to take a product from design concept to production.

What sets Arctos apart?

GW:Me, of course! Just kidding. Arctos Assembly provides the management, purchasing, testing, and on-time delivery for a wide variety of electronic assemblies. We are not bound to one type of product as many assembly groups are – we analyze each customer’s product and fit a line solution according to the complexity of the product. A single customer can use Arctos for an entire product line – we are not bottlenecked due to equipment, so we’re able to handle multiple products at one time. Also, as the product needs grow, cabling, environmental testing, lifetime failure analysis, data management and logistics are all available by using the TyRex family. 

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