TyRex Photo: Middle Schoolers Visit

Middle Schoolers Visit TyRex

Six students from J. Frank Dobie Middle School visited the TyRex facilities on the first day of May as part of a fantastic “CEO For A Day” program. A total of 30 students in grades 6-8 participated in the program last year, which is part of the Restore Rundberg Project. TyRex Founder John Bosch, Jr., TyRex President Andrew Cooper and Megladon President John Culbert toured the students – Edwin, Alejandro, Carlos, Miguel, Kevin and Eric – through all of the different TyRex facilities, showed them how the different manufacturing processes work, and taught them about the dedication it takes to run a company.

The intention of the program is to show students that making positive life choices leads to success in school and helps them achieve their goals in life – each student will write down their top five goals and choose one that would make the most positive impact on their life. The program gives students a reason to learn, builds their self-confidence and inspires their achievement. Other companies participating in this year’s “CEO For A Day” program include TicketCity, the City of Austin Housing Authority, Coalition of Texans w/ Disabilities, Community Impact, Securenet, Easter Seals, and Meals on Wheels, among many others.


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