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DLi Open House and New Testing

On October 26th, Digital Light Innovations sponsored an Open House to show off its new products, services, and its new facility. Representatives from Texas Instruments, The University of Texas, and Dell Inc. were on hand to participate in the Open House.

DLi Opens New Accelerated Life Testing Lab 

With the installation of a Qualmark OVS 2.5 test Chamber in DLi’s new facility, the DLi REliability Program Development and Testing Division is now cabable of providing their customers with highly accelerated life testing (HALT) and highly accelerated stress screening (HASS). They are very proud to own one of only two chambers like it in the region.

As speed to market becomes an even more important aspect of product design and release, development companies are looking for faster ways to evaluate the expected life of a new design. Old methods were effective, but time consuming – often taking weeks, if not months, to get legitimate product life results. HALT testing can provide the same results in a matter of days, dramatically shortening the product development cycle. By incorporating both thermal shock effects with variable levels of vibration, a product’s weaknesses can be seen in a very short amount of time.

The DLi Reliability Program Development and Testing Division plans to unveil this new service offering beginning in early November. We consider it a very large step forward in our service capabilities, as well as in our commitment to embracing cutting edge technology.

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