Potting Solution Case Study

Customized Potting Solution

Fragile cable breakouts often need overmolding for protection, but lead times and limited volumes make 3D printing a better option than traditional overmolding.

This case study came from one of our companies, iRex, which works primarily in custom cable assembly. A client had an assembly with a cable breakout, which are fragile, but the timeline and volume needed couldn’t justify traditional overmolding.

Keeping these constraints in mind, TekRex was able to design and print a protective case for the breakouts, which iRex then potted and assembled. The kicker? All of this happened within a week, as opposed to the average 6 weeks it would have taken using traditional overmolding.

Given the quick turnaround and a cost point otherwise impossible, this solution resulted in a very happy customer – but we weren’t done. The custom designed shape actually strengthened the breakout and TekRex’s suggestion to introduce different potting solutions makes increased signal integrity possible in future projects.

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