TyRex Photo: Capital Food Bank

TyRex Community Citizenship in Action

Austin Children’s Shelter 

The Electronics Division pulled together and collected approximately 300 children’s books, which were then donated to the Austin Children’s Shelter. This organization provides quality services to abandoned, abused and neglected children. Thanks to all of you for making this donation possible!!

Capital Area Food Bank

On Saturday, June 24th, TyRex employees (and family members) reported for sorting duty at the Food Bank. The morning shift volunteers were Lewis Wald, Randy Black, Joe & Pat Baumgartner, Steve & Cheryl Beckett and Kevin & Rose Alwell. Afternoon volunteers were Tim, Cheryl, Sarah and Trevor Thomas, Reina Wiatt, Dave Knieriem and Lewis Wald. I was there all day and can truly attest to the hard work that goes into this effort. There’s more than cans and boxes to be sorted! We had the pleasure of sorting frozen foods, mainly meats. Needless to say, I didn’t have chicken for dinner that evening! The Tim Thomas family took care of the boxed food products, and other miscellaneous food items. All in all, several thousands of pounds of food items were processed that day.

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