Bright Ideas: 3D Printing Contest

We recently challenged our employees to go beyond their day-to-day work and create something valuable for our business – but of course we incentivized the creative process, leading to our very first Bright Ideas: 3D Printing Contest. Participating TyRex family members were assigned a cross-company, cross-seniority team to work with and create products across many categories. After months of planning, prototyping, and plenty of printing, we all learned a lot and it’s been easy to see how our business has benefited from the process.

“It’s all about harnessing that creativity and using it for something the company can show forth to others who come in, let them know that we’re trying to help them do the best job they can as well as ourselves.”

– Ted Neil

“We’re all equal. We’re on an equal playing field and anybody’s idea has value. And so that allowed us to really put things together a little bit differently than normal.”

– Daniel Hogberg

Check out this video as our team explains what it was like to truly learn how to work together across companies, languages, and more!

The categories and winners were as followed:

Category 1 (Brighter & Better – Improvements on how we do our production work, Cost savings, time savings, efficiency savings)

Winner:  DLi PCB Board Test Fixture by Miguel Barrera, Cynthia Ferrell, and Karan Dodia

2nd Place:  ToolDex – (a tool caddy) by Amy Bosch, Angela Roush, and Satwinder Kahlon


Category 2 (Brighter Products – New products that we can build, brand and sell at competitive prices)

Winner:  Megladon Visual Fault Finder by Oscar Ortiz-Jaimes, Daniel Hogberg, and Maria “Fanny” Reyes

2nd Place:  TyRex Reception Card Holder by Sonia Roberts, Hoang Lu, and Rachel Langham


Category 3 (Brighter Markets – Products that can expand our customers project bidding & estimating competitiveness)

Winner:  TyRex Thinking Box Puzzle by Martin Johnson and Ronneece Hall

2nd Place:  Customizable HDMI Covers by Josh Snoddy, Alex Riley, and Juan Marmolejo


Category 4 (Products of Value to Business – Products of value that can be printed by Non-profit youth, creating a continuous Business/Community relationship, with proceeds going to the NPO)

Winner:  Top Water Fishing Lure by Danny Ross, Wade Bateman, and Hortencia Hernandez

2nd Place:  Low Flow Faucet Aerator by Morgan Humburg and Carlos Gomez


Overall Winner: Megladon Visual Fault Finder by Oscar Ortiz-Jaimes, Daniel Hogberg, and Maria “Fanny” Reyes

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