ACC Students Connect with Saber Data

For the past two years, the TyRex Technology Family has invited a few select students from Austin Community College (ACC) to team up with the technology experts at Saber Data on real-world projects. These semester-long internships have proven to be truly win-win, as the students get a leg up on their careers while Saber Data is able to put their technical skills and unique perspectives to good use. Two former interns, Xiaoyan Wei and Geronimo Resendez, have even gone on to become regular staff members! Xiaoyan gives a lot of credit to Saber Data’s Director of Development, Satwinder Kahlon. “Satwinder is a good advisor,” Xiaoyan says. “He knows what an intern comes for, and does everything he can to help.” Geronimo feels the same. “During my time as an intern, my mentors genuinely cared about making certain I had a constructive learning experience,” he says. “I was met with kindness, professionalism, and respect from everyone.” Geronimo was hired as a full-time Technical Sales Consultant earlier this summer by another TyRex company, iRex.

Kahlon himself has found the experience with ACC students extremely rewarding. “The caliber of students coming from ACC has been very high,” he says. “Each participating student has put their heart and soul into their responsibilities, going past the baseline expectations required for the CS Practicum class. The students bring in lots of theoretical and practical experience from the classroom, and have easily adapted to the business environment while picking up industry knowledge.”

TyRex is incredibly grateful to ACC’s Accelerated Programmer Training (APT) program for connecting us with these students who have brightened up our facility and added so much to our team during their time with us. Check out what four former and current ACC students had to say about their time with the TyRex family:


Photo: Staff Xiaoyan Wei

“I practiced what I planned – I learned a lot, not only about software but about how a project runs in a real company.”

 – Xiaoyan Wei


Photo: Staff  Jack Corgey

“Thanks to Saber Data, I had the opportunity to grow as a problem-solver and gain valuable real-world experience.”

 – Jack Corgey


Photo: Staff  James Nixon

“TyRex has a lot of different things going on all at once – I get to do different things every day and I’m getting great experience.”

 – James Nixon


Saber Data Photo: Staff Geronimo Resendez

“I was able to soak up knowledge in a hands-on setting. I was relied upon to carry out relevant tasks each day, and I felt like an integral part of the team – just as important as a top-level associate.”

 – Geronimo Resendez


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