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2 Groups. ONE Family…and Family Lasts

In this highly competitive world, success depends in large part to the customer’s positive interaction with the sales force and the positive customer service that supports the sales staff. The 2 Groups … 1 Family …and Family Lasts program brings out the positive aspects viewed in our daily activities and inspires the larger family. Positive interactions infect us making us do more for our customers and co-workers. Performance improves, interactions improve, and this drives improvement in customer satisfaction.

The positive improvements energize the workers and eventually it becomes a culture. The culture accelerates the company to more efficient operations, which accelerates the cost efficiency, and increases the customer satisfaction. The customer recognizes the effort and this positive reinforcement makes us want to do better than we’ve done before.

It is amazing to see this process at work. When you walk into the entrance you are greeted by a message board with a positive quote for the day. We’ve generated a board to track the good efforts seen daily by employees. A scroll was setup for employees to verbalize the good efforts that they have seen and various boards are available to display the positive pictures of all efforts.

One message written by Bob on our scroll thanking Jill for the extra help given to understand a process sparked John to enlist Bob to help him out on a community program with his talent. Multiple people were energized by the positive experience and the process was accelerated due to the more in-depth understanding. One acknowledgement of a good effort resulted in multiple good accomplishments both for the company and for the community effort!

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