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TyRex Graphic: DLi Store

Introducing The DLiStore

Digital Light Innovations (DLi) is making it easier to buy DLP® accessories! Parts and assemblies for Texas Instruments development kits, or EVMs, can now be purchased online from the DLStore.

From flex cables and DMD boards to full DMD flex cable and DMD hardware assemblies, browse high-res images to easily find the parts you need.… Read more

TyRex Graphic: Digital Light Innovations Optics & Photonics

DLi Leads The Way for Hyperspectral Imaging

Digital Light Innovations leads the way in surgical hyperspectral imaging capabilities. “In order to treat disease the clinician needs to see it,” said Dr. Karel Zuzak, principal scientist at Digital Light Innovations.

Dr. Zuzak and the team at DLi have created and are in the process of bringing to market a new hyperspectral imaging system.… Read more

TyRex Graphic: Digital Light Innovations Optics & Photonics

SPIE Photonics Innovation Summit

Submitted By: Erin Taylor

I had the opportunity to attend the 2008 SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering) Innovation Summit. In this conference information was provided on accelerating innovation in a photonics company. Seminars were given from luminaries in solar, next-generation lighting, and biophotonics about the challenges and successes in using innovation as a driver for growth.… Read more