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TyRex Photo: 2016 Science Fest

Students Win Big at 2016 Science Fest

The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival, commonly known as simply Science Fest, is one of Texas’ largest regional science fairs with almost 3,000 students from 3rd through 12th grade. At TyRex, we are proud to be part of the many engineers, scientists and professionals who volunteer with this program to help encourage the students who will become the next generation of our technology community and to reward their innovative research. … Read more

TyRex Graphic: Austin Reliability Labs Testing

ARL Innovation Spotlight

We take an in-depth look at a specific part of the TyRex family. This time we spotlight a “button pusher” and a “chamber extender”, two innovations being used at Austin Reliability Labs.

What does the “button pusher” do?

Jon Roesch, ARL Lab Technician: The “button pusher” is an electro-mechanical device with similarities to a CNC (computer numerical control) machine.… Read more

TyRex Photo: ARL Arbin Battery Tester

ARL Featured By Arbin

Arbin Instruments, a leading global supplier of testing instrumentation for the battery, super capacitor and fuel cell markets, featured our own Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) in their Customer Spotlight piece for their July 2014 newsletter. The profile, including an interview with David Rahe, reached thousands of Arbin contacts and was posted on the Arbin website as well.… Read more

TyRex Photo: iRex Area Tech Expo

iRex Makes Waves at Area Tech Expo

For the second year in a row now, iRex has attended Austin’s local Central Texas Electronics Association Tech Forum and Expo as an exhibitor. There were 37 companies exhibiting and nearly 200 registered attendees this year. The iRex booth (manned primarily by Trey Hall, John Sansoucy and Rich Burgess) was filled with many samples of custom cables and PCBA’s hand picked from active and past projects to demonstrate the wide berth of services and capabilities we have to offer as a technology partner and contract manufacturer.… Read more

TyRex Photo: ARL Lab

ARL Moves to Technology Blvd.

Austin Reliability Labs has completed their move into the new facility at the TyRex Technology Boulevard location, and is part of SabeRex Group, Ltd. ARL has also expanded their reliability test capabilities to include vibration and shock testing with the acquisition of a 6,000 lbf electrodynamic shaker.… Read more