TyRex Graphic: Founders Day 2013 Diamond Disciplines

Employee Culture Program: Dino Coin

Effective today through the end of 2018, TyRex is launching an employee incentive program to help strengthen the culture that makes our family “special by design.” This new program is called Dino Coin, and will become the basis for one third of the TyRex Family’s Shared Success for the quarter. Collect Dino Coin by doing things around the office that help contribute to our culture, then turn in your coins to factor into your portion of our Shared Success. It truly pays to be an active contributor to the TyRex culture!

Employees may receive Dino Coin for the following categories:

  • Volunteer (unpaid) hours
  • Blood donation
  • Goodwill goods
  • Nonperishable food bank items
  • Coats for Kids

Additional categories are available as well! Information is available at all Donation Day dropoff locations and in all breakrooms beginning October 25th.